The Solar Dream


— What Dye Solar Cells Offer?

› Lowest embodied energy – avoid energy for production of wafers
› Really clean and green PV technology
› Readily available raw materials (even Ru)
› Performance improves in ‘normal’ solar conditions
› Delivers good kWh/Sqm (not Watt peak)
› Power ‘all day every day’
› Colours and transparency yield architectural advantage
› Gateway to tandem products – e.g. photoelectrochromics, DSC electronics, alternative applications (flexible), thermal gain.

Note: You can find our DSC Projects FAQs here.

DSC Technology

DSC technology has the potential to turn buildings into electricity generation plants by replacing conventional glazing and building envelopes, opaque and transparent panels could generate electricity in any building. DSC is environmentally friendlier to manufacture than silicon-based panels, it mimics photosynthesis in plants to generate energy all day every day,
even in low light conditions.

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Recent News


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— Apr . 2009

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